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5 Beauty Products That Help With Winter Blues

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The winter blues are also called winter depression because this is exactly how this well-known winter sluggishness feels: We are drained, lacking energy, and tired. Who doesn’t know it? That’s why in autumn and winter, extra self-care is called for when the days are getting shorter! Beauty rituals are perfect for this because we consciously dedicate ourselves to ourselves and take care of our body and stressed skin. Today I would like to share with you 5 tips that will help me against the winter blues.

mood shift during the colder, darker days 

Bath bomb

For me personally, swimming is simply part of it in winter. Best with biscuits, tea & series! So when it gets really cold and uncomfortable outside, I make myself really nice inside. A warm bathtub not only relaxes the body, it also warms it up. This relaxes the muscles and the mind and brings new energy. To help against the winter blues, I really celebrate this ritual. A well-smelling bath essence is, therefore, one of my beauty must-haves. My three favorite scents in winter are lavender, rose, and citrus.

Tips against winter blues: aromatic oil

Essential oils can help with winter blues in a number of ways. The scented oils influence our mood and can be used for various ailments. Whether as a body oil on the skin, in the bathtub, as a roll-on, room spray, or in a diffuser – aromatic oils make everyday life easier for us in the darker months of the year. These are three popular fragrances for winter and their effects:

Lavender: The natural aromatic scent of the medicinal plant lavender has a calming effect – and at the same time brightens the mood. Many studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of lavender on our minds and body. So if you feel stressed and drained and have trouble sleeping, you can use a lavender pillow spray – and hopefully, fall asleep like a baby 🙂

Peppermint: The clear, cool scent of mint helps with headaches, colds, or muscle ailments. Even if you feel tired, you can rub a drop of aromatic oil into your hand and take a few deep breaths. The effect is amazing!

Lemon: Essential citrus scents are exactly what we need against winter blues! The scent is refreshing, stimulating, mood-enhancing, and invigorating. If you spray this scent around you in an oil lamp or diffuser while you work, you will surely get through the day better.

Tips against winter blues: Gua Sha & Jade roller

Self-care in winter means taking better care of yourself and your body. This works with skincare and tools that give the beauty program a special touch and maybe also drag the wellness moment a little bit longer. When we feel good in our body and in our skin, we radiate that too! The more intensely we deal with ourselves, the easier it is for us to build a better relationship with ourselves.

This can be achieved, for example, with a massage with a jade roller or Gua Sha stone. Both beauty tools are characterized by the fact that they relax the muscles of the face and neck, stimulate blood circulation (for fresh cheeks) and, in the long term, make the complexion more radiant and younger. If you plan three minutes longer in the morning or in the evening, you can work in your skincare with the jade roller and relax your neck and neck with the Gua Sha stone. This is how self-care works against the winter blues, right? 🙂

The hand cream moment

A simple but quick beauty tip for everyday life: especially at this time when we wash our hands so often, our hands need a lot of care. At best, we should apply lotion to our sensitive hands after each hand washing. What happens then? We have to wait a few minutes for the cream to be absorbed. Instead of demonizing these lost two minutes, we can consciously take these short moments to check in with ourselves in winter. Take a deep breath, smell the hand cream and maybe take a walk around the apartment or office.

If we all took these short moments a few times a day, we would certainly get through the day better and more relaxed. Beauty can help us remind ourselves repeatedly that the winter blues are just as fleeting as everything else. Spring is coming! So let’s make the most of the cold time.

Tips against winter blues: CBD oil

“Relaxed and balanced through the day” or “Fall asleep and relax faster” promises the Berlin CBD brand Valley. In general, CBD Oil was probably the most celebrated ingredient in 2020. But what exactly is behind it?

CBD oil (also called cannabidiol) is an extract obtained from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. However, it is not intoxicating like THC but is said to positively affect the body, which is why it is freely available in Germany and the EU without a prescription.

Many beauty brands are now integrating CBD into their products or offering up to 15 percent CBD oils that are supposed to help against various ailments such as stress, sleep disorders, panic attacks, tension, sore muscles, or headaches. CBD can be used externally or taken internally. I haven’t dared to try the oils myself, but I find the beauty trend exciting, and I’ve heard many positive experiences.

Beauty products against the winter blues? Relaxing CBD oil probably has the best prerequisites. Have you already had experience with the active ingredient? I’m glad to hear from you.

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