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7 Tips To Avoid Mistakes When Shopping Online

7 tips to avoid
7 tips to avoid

The internet is increasingly revolutionizing e-commerce, moving billions of reais annually. On the other hand, with the expansion of e-commerce, companies needed to develop new strategies to make consumers more secure when shopping online and promote user satisfaction.

Thinking about the consumer’s comfort and convenience, we have listed some important tips to make the purchase quick and safe:


Search for the product on at least three websites

Buying a product today means following a pillar that, even involuntarily, we all follow. They are: aiming at the price, quality, and, finally, safety. Even having a reliable standard store in mind, we still try to look for a better cost-benefit ratio for the product. The balance between these pillars sustains an extensive and profitable market that has been growing exaggeratedly in recent years, leading many to the happiness of waiting for delivery or the sadness of an unsuccessful purchase.

That’s why it’s important to look for more than three addresses before the purchase is assured.

Read comments and ratings

With the accessibility of the internet these days, it’s much easier to search for ratings and comments from people who have already purchased a certain product or service.


Be wary of “miracle offers”


Be careful when the discount is too big. Believing in prices well below the real market value can be a trap. Several sites scam people with these offers, presenting something with a very good price and then not delivering the product. Always be suspicious.




Check if the site is trustworthy

With the increase in demand for products and services online, several websites were created to supply them. However, the consumer is feeling much more confident with the new security tools created on the internet, which is very dangerous.

Consumers should always be on the lookout for “trust marks” on the footer, header, or checkout pages on the website. These marks are accreditations from Internet security bodies (such as Norton, McAfee, TRUSTe, Trustwave) and should indicate that this website is reliable.

Check measurements and specifications

Before buying anything online, it is very important to check its measurement specifications, instructions for use, voltage, material, etc. If this is the case for an item of clothing, this attention must be doubled, especially when it comes to size. Always prefer sites that provide part measurements, not just general measurements (such as P, M, and G), to avoid returns.


Pay attention to your rights

The great ease of accessing products on the internet makes consumers feel attracted by the offers and end up seduced by purchases, leaving important details aside. Check if the website offers a product return facility in case of any inconvenience as it’s your basic right.


Analyze delivery and return specifications

To avoid logistical problems, before buying a product online, observe all delivery specifications (time, value, and options) and return, as, on some sites, the return process is quite exhausting and time-consuming.

Regarding shipping, it is always worth noting the value: some sites put a very attractive price on the product and compensate with absurd shipping, which in many cases is not worth it.

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