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5 Cautions When Shopping Online


In this article, we are going to talk about some precautions that the consumer should take as a precaution and what his/her main rights are when shopping on the internet.

Although several sites offer tempting proposals, some cautions are essential. Below we list 5 precautions to be observed:

1) Don’t make purchases from unsolicited emails (SPAM)

If you have received a promotional email from a store that you are not a customer of (or are, but you have not authorized sending such messages), do not make the purchase: you are facing SPAM, that is, an unsolicited email.

This practice is really harmful to the internet and, by accepting it, you are encouraging its continuation. Also, the chances that you will fall victim to online scams when shopping from these messages are pretty high.

2) Give preference to stores that offer various features on their website

Since the customer cannot check the product “live” on the internet, the online store must offer as many features as possible to facilitate their purchase decision. To reduce the chances of your experience being frustrated, give preference to stores that have this type of concern.

They offer, for example:

  • Online chat for clarification of doubts;
  • Detailed product photos or even videos;
  • Detailed product descriptions;
  • Clear information about delivery times, payments, shipping, among others;
  • Space for customers to comment on products;
  • Category organization and easy navigation;
  • Interaction on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.);
  • Varied payment options.

3) Check if the online store offers a safe environment

Look on the company’s website for security seals. This information indicates that the store takes security measures to handle your information. When closing a transaction, you should also note whether the internet browser displays a padlock icon at the bottom or in the address bar, depending on the program. This symbol indicates the use of an SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) digital certificate, an important security feature.


4) Check if the online store informs telephone number and address

A series of obligations for e-commerce, including that the online store must inform in a visible place are the physical address and phone number.

It is recommended not to proceed with the purchase, even if the prices are attractive. Now, if the store doesn’t provide basic contact information and hides details of its operations, the chances are pretty high that something is wrong there.

5) Right to regret the purchase and return the product

 According to the Consumer Protection Code, the consumer who makes purchases over the internet has the right to regret the purchase within 7 days (consecutive) after receiving the product or signing a contract, provided that the request is properly formalized. The store must provide clear information for this and return the entire amount paid by the user in a timely manner.

If the product has already been delivered to the user, the return cannot be prevented because this is not done after the item’s packaging is opened. In addition, payments for postal expenses are borne by the company responsible for electronic commerce.

If even with these precautions, something goes wrong, seek the consumer protection agencies or even look for a lawyer you trust to protect your rights.

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