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Beauty tips: My favorite hand creams

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Our best beauty friend this year? Definitely soap, right? Dry and stressed hands also accompany the frequent hand washing and temperature changes. When the skin on your hands loses its natural oils, it becomes rough and cracked. And the nails also suffer from the loss of moisture. That’s why extra hand care is now the order of the day! But how do hand and nail care actually work properly? What should you watch out for? And what are the best hand creams? You can find out all of this here in my hand care guide!

Beauty tip: My favorite hand creams

So that the skin on the hands does not dry out and is supplied with important ingredients, you should put hand cream on your hands after every hand washing, especially in autumn and winter. It is particularly important here to provide the sensitive backs of the hands with care because there the skin is as thin as our facial skin. A gentle and as natural as possible hand cream gives the skin moisture and protection against environmental influences.

For me personally, the most important thing about a good hand cream is the feeling. Perfect hand cream should be absorbed quickly without sticking, leaving the skin soft and supple. I also like delicate fragrances that are not too intrusive or artificial.

Hand care: apply lotion to hands properly

Similar to our skincare routine for the face, there are also different hand care products for summer and winter. While our hands need less care in summer, they need an extra dose of moisture in autumn and winter. However, if you care for your skin too much, it can quickly be over-cared for. As with everything, it all comes down to balance

However, it is very important to always apply a thick layer of lotion to your hands before going to bed. Our skin regenerates itself overnight and can take in all the active ingredients of the hand cream in peace and quiet. So that you don’t forget the beauty ritual, it is worthwhile to place a hand cream right next to the bed and to rub your hands generously. The backs of the hands in particular need care.

To increase the caring effect, you can put on light cotton gloves. The next morning you will be rewarded with delicate skin that is ready for the day.

The best tips for beautifully manicured and healthy nails in winter

So much for hand care 🙂 Strictly speaking, hand and nail care belong together. Because even if the nails are protected thanks to the hand cream, there is still more to consider. The key to strong nails? Humidity! After all, the nails are basically an extension of the skin and consist of skin cells and keratin.

Pure almond oil is particularly suitable for optimal care of the cuticle that protrudes over the nail in a half-moon shape. It protects the vitamins it contains donate and stores moisture. Magnesium and calcium also strengthen the nail so that brittle and soft nails can quickly recover.

The best thing to do is apply a few drops of oil to your nails and massage them before going to bed. Then the hand cream follows. And the next day, you wake up with smooth and soft hands.

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