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6 Tips To Sell More Through Online Chat

Boost Your Selling Through Online Chat

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In the e-commerce market, online chat is considered by consumers as the best online service channel to communicate with various types of businesses, as shown by multiple statistics.

Through it, it is possible to chat with customers in real-time, while they are still browsing their categories, product pages, or any other stage of the customer’s purchase journey.

However, it is not enough to simply install an online chat in your online store and expect your results to automatically improve.

It is necessary to employ sales techniques through the channel and optimize service.

Therefore, we have 6 tips that you can take advantage of to start selling more through online chat in your e-commerce, check it out!

Respond quickly

Offering the shortest possible response time is an extremely important differential for customer service carried out in any type of channel – and this would be no different for online chat.

Being able to chat with visitors and customers in real-time is a differential offered by this tool. However, if your team is slow to respond, the chances of consumers giving up on the communication and leaving the page increase significantly.

No customer likes to wait to be served. So, to turn online chat into a competitive advantage, it’s important to be ready to respond quickly.

Fortunately, there are also resources that can help you in this regard, such as:

  • Shortcuts for recorded responses: allowing the online chat to send predefined phrases without having to type them;
  • Automatic responses and chatbots: able to respond to frequently asked questions or send greetings before the operator needs to interfere with the service;
  • Message preview: allows you to see what the visitor is writing before the message is sent so you can prepare a reply;

All of these features are commonly offered by professional online chat tools and can help you retain customers on your page and generate more business leads.

Be proactive in your approach

Approaching customers proactively is another great tip on how to sell more through online chat. This is possible through a combination of features such as visitor tracking and proactive invitation.

A proactive invitation is a personalized message sent automatically through a pop-up in the online chat window on your e-commerce page.

Through it, it is possible to approach customers with welcome messages, promotion alerts, announcements about new products, etc.

The advantage of proactively approaching is that this way, visitors will know that your online service team is available and ready to help them. In case of doubts or problems making a purchase.

Boost Your Selling Through Online Chat

Collect customer data

Collecting customer data is necessary so that you can personalize communication and deliver an excellent customer service experience. Only then will you be able to customize the service to meet the specific needs of the consumer, considering their challenges, pains, interests, etc.

In addition, all this information can help you create a complete profile for each lead generated from the service via online chat – which will help you target your foundation for digital marketing actions, such as shooting campaigns email marketing, for example.

Schedule new contacts

Conversations with leads that are not found at the time of conversion are part of the daily life of a sales and service team.

That’s why it’s important to schedule new contacts, leverage other service channels to keep in touch, and thus not let your leads get cold.

This type of work can also be automated by integrating your online chat with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management, or customer relationship management) tool.

Work with mental triggers

Mental triggers are an excellent way to boost consumer decision-making, making them “get off the fence” and make the decision to make the purchase.

Some of the most used mental triggers for sales are:

  • Scarcity: the sense that there is an inventory limit and the product may run out;
  • Urgency: such as warning about the duration of a lightning promotion;
  • Social proof: present cases of success and big brands or names that already use the product;
  • New: launching new products and models, as Apple does through the launch of new iPhones;
  • Anticipation: generate expectations so that the customer is anxious for news;

It is also possible to leverage the proactive invitations already presented in the article to send messages dedicated to activating these mental triggers.

For example, if a customer is visiting a product page during Black Friday, a chat pop-up with a message: “Hello! Take advantage of our Black Friday promotions, the stock is limited, so don’t take too long to buy!” can propel you to make the purchase decision right away.

Integrate with other service channels


Finally, the last tip to sell more through online chat is to integrate it with other service channels offered in your e-commerce, such as email, telephone, social networks, and even WhatsApp Business.

This way, it is easy to centralize all the information and allow your team to follow all the calls through a single integrated dashboard – avoiding the need to track open calls in different applications and tools.

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