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8 Tips To Save When Shopping Online

Saving on online shopping: 8 tricks

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SAVE WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE is possible and just adopt a few behaviors to achieve it. Global consumers have adopted online shopping as another means to make their purchases – forcing physical stores to recommend new strategies to remain attractive – and, in some cases, they even manage to save a few euros.

So, in addition to the convenience and saving a lot of time, you can also save your wallet when shopping online, through proven strategies that you can easily follow. Find out how to save when shopping online with these eight tips.


1) Search and compare prices


When shopping online, the main rule to save when shopping online is to exhaustively research what you want to buy on various websites to compare the available prices. On the internet, research is essential, as it finds different prices for the same product.


2) Add and leave items in the ‘shopping cart’

 This is one of the most effective ways to save on online shopping. Adding the items to the ‘shopping basket’ without finalizing the purchase – leaving them there for a few days – you may receive an email from the website indicating a price reduction (prices are being updated) or receiving promotions or promotions from some websites price reductions on that article to encourage you to make the purchase.

3) Search for the product on Google

Even if you find the product you are looking for at an apparently interesting price, be sure to search Google (or another search engine) for the product. It is possible that you will find the same product even cheaper on another website. You can often get good deals simply by searching for the product on Google.


4) Use discount coupons and promotions

By subscribing to the newsletter of some websites or subscribing to online shopping social networking pages, you will have access (sometimes via email) to discount vouchers or promotion codes. Just enjoy and save on your online purchases.

5) Save on shipping costs


Making online purchases involves the payment of shipping costs, that is, the value of the product must add an extra fee. However, online stores often exempt the payment of postage from a certain minimum value. Add items with family and/or friends to your order and save.

6) Save with the payment method


You can also save on online purchases with the payment method you choose. Check which payment method brings you the most benefits. For example, credit cards give you back a percentage of the amount spent on online purchases.

7) Attention to return policy

One of the disadvantages of buying online is that you don’t see the product physically. Expectations can easily be disappointed. Therefore, before making any online purchase, carefully read the return policy of the respective website. Make sure it’s simple and affordable and, preferably, that it doesn’t involve extra costs (if it has costs, consider whether it’s still cheaper to buy online).


8) Buy on the right days

For greater availability of time, you can choose to make your purchases online on the weekend, but be aware that some of the online stores have their best discounts or special deals between Wednesday and Friday.

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