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Binsta 2.0 review 2022


Binsta 2.0 application is a cloud-based Instagram automation, sales & growth software that helps automates your Instagram activities to produce hordes of targeted traffic.


Binsta 2.0 gives the capability to automate all your Instagram jobs from following, posting, direct messaging, restoring, and changing your profile bio links on complete autopilot, saving you money and time on getting the services of an agency.

This app, i.e., Binsta 2.0 is the primary cloud-based web app that automates your Instagram activities, growth, and engagement, helping you build a big community of focused followers so you can begin selling to them quickly.

Key features of Binsta 2.0

The lead search module

It helps you to search for leads by places, hashtags or influencer usernames. This produces highly focused audiences based on places, hashtags, and famous Instagram influences. You can simply plug this audience into your campaign to improve sales.

The Hashtag creator

This tool is used in creating hashtags fast before use, thus saving time and producing trending hashtags.

Post now/schedule

This spec helps you directly post to your Instagram or schedule lots of posts to go off at specific times. You can automate posts to your albums or stories or newsfeed. In addition, you can automate video photos or posts. furthermore, you can also schedule posts for as long as you want.

The autobio links scheduler

This is a remarkable spec and one of my favorites. Your bio links are the just way to send your visitors to your store or sales page. This spec automates your bio link update.

The auto-follow

This spec mechanically follows match focus audiences as if you were doing it yourself. all you need to perform is pick your target audience’s interest, influencers, and location and it will mechanically identify people who match these demographics and follow them.

The auto unfollow

This spec does the right opposite of the auto-follow spec. it naturally unfollows a picked part of the people are following so that you can maintain fit followers to following ratio. Hence, remember that Instagram rewards account with a top follower to following ratio with more organic visibility.

Full-featured image editor

Users can simply and fast filter, manipulate, frame, draw, crop, add shapes, text, add objects, add stickers, and add gradients and patterns to their image before posting on IG. So, All this is done on a pop-up preview mode before posting.

Cloud import

Users can upload their post-ready photos and designs from their cloud storage service, straight to their dashboard. You can as well import videos/images directly from Instagram or from the web through the URL option.


It is worth mentioning that currently, multiple versions of Binsta 2.0 are available, the most frequent ones are:

  1. Binsta App 2.0 Elite Software

You Get With Elite

  • Grow your Instagram followers 10X faster
  • Start selling on Instagram easily by tapping to 1billion Instagram users.
  • Become an influencer and charge businesses to advertise on your account
  • Save hours trying to manage your Instagram growth yourself
  • Drive traffic to your YouTube Channels
  • Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store
  • Quadruple your Affiliate Marketing Sales With Free Instagram Traffic
  • Find more agency clients for your services
  • Sell more video courses and get more coaching clients
  • Become an Instagram Certified Growth Specialist

2. Binsta App 2.0 unlimited

You Get With Unlimited

  • Unlock UNLIMITED reach for all your previous modules purchased on the frontend
  • Connect up to 10 Instagram accounts
  • Increase your traffic results
  • Faster campaign results
  • Unlock 3 Premium Features
  • PREMIUM FEATURE #1: DM Automation
  • THE SECOND PREMIUM FEATURE (#2): Advanced Analytics
  • PREMIUM FEATURE #3: Lead Search
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • BONUS #1: Instagram 365-Days Content Planner
  • BONUS #2: Instagram Video Creator
  • Over 93% Discount
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

3. Binsta International Discount

You Get With International Discount

  • 100X More Followers & Buyers
  • 10,000X More Engagement
  • Performance Upgrade #1: Mass Reaction Pro Max
  • The second Performance Upgrade: International Geotargeting
  • Performance Upgrade #3: 100X Precise Targeting
  • Performance Upgrade #4: Binstalink

Binsta 2.0 Starter”, Binsta Specialist DS, and Binsta IG Growth Specialist are also other versions of Binsta 2.0

End words

Binsta 2.0 is a new al-run Instagram progress and automation instrument that helps you skyrocket your followers, engagement, site visitors, followers, and gross sales without paying for ads on Instagram.

You may get 100x extra true followers who are taken with your product. The reality is, that you may acquire as many as 100x extra followers per day.

In different phrases, the Binsta 2.0 app is a cloud-based Instagram progress, automation, and gross sales software program that automate your Instagram actions with the intention to produce big quantities of focused website visitors.

If you are interested click here!

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