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Why So Many Women Are Now Wearing Cargo Pants?

wearing cargo pants
wearing cargo pants

The cargo pants are celebrating a fashion comeback!

Recently, convenience is the top priority. Reason enough for the casual cargo pants to conquer the fashion world again with maximum comfort, practicality, and coolness. The unique look of the functional cotton trousers is created by a casual cut and attached side pockets in the thigh or knee area. This season the cargo pants are back in a new shine: utility styles, wide 90s cuts, and models with print define the fashion cosmos. Our three hot picks won the hearts of fashionistas themselves. Here you can also shop for the styles.

What are cargo pants?

The cargo pants were developed for the military during the Second World War and are still used today as work clothing for the police and rescue services. But the focus is not always on the trousers’ functionality: In the early 1990s, cargo trousers * found their way into street style and became a sporty statement piece. After a long dry spell, the functional pants will be back in 2021 and give us incredibly casual looks.

The classic: utility style cargo pants

The classic cargo pants come in neutral earth tones and have several pockets. Especially in the casual look, the trousers can convince with sneakers and a T-shirt, because the interesting cut comes into its own when simply combined. How about, for example, the utility cargo pants from Boden, which combine comfort and the fashion factor? The high paper bag cut emphasizes the waist and creates a feminine silhouette – this balances the otherwise casual cut and transforms the comfortable cotton trousers into an attractive, trendy item.

Combine cargo pants with a camouflage pattern? That’s how it’s done!


In the summer of 2021, fashionistas opted for bright colors and wild patterns. The cargo pants adopt this pattern trend in a subtle way and come mainly in camouflage*. The camouflage pattern can be combined with individual bright color accents. However, you are on the safe side with a subtle color palette, as this does not distract too much from the pattern. The cargo pants by Mac, for example, have a dark olive camouflage pattern that goes perfectly with beige and rose tones, black or white.

Wide trousers: cargo trousers reinterpreted

One trend is not enough? With wide pants in a cargo style, you can kill two birds with one stone. Because as Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively, and Caro Daur show, the wide-leg cut is the latest trouser trend in 2021. With the look of classic cargo trousers, the wide trousers from Boden are the chic interpretation of the 90s trend. A noble blouse and sandals round off the look perfectly.

Cargo pants: hot or flop?



For over a decade, cargo pants have frowned upon garment since the 1990s. As the new hype about functional pants shows: Everything is coming back! In addition to outdoor and trekking, the cargo pants will also impress again on the catwalk in summer 2021. New interpretations with a paper bag cut and wide legs wrap the dusty part in a new guise.

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