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The Best 5 Styling Tips For Short Women

5 styling tips for short women

tips for short women
tips for short women

This blog article is about styling for short women. How can you look taller at under 1.62m? What fashion mistakes are common? And which clothes really fit a petite body size? I have summarized all of this and the top styling tips for small women for you today.


Styling tips for short women: know your proportions!

One of the most common mistakes can easily be avoided. If you want to go with the trend and simply buy what is available, you run the risk of choosing pieces that do not flatter your own body type. There are a few no-gos to ensure that little women don’t go wrong and appear even smaller: These include hip pants and long tops that go down over the bottom. Both of these falsify the upper and lower body proportions, and the overall appearance can appear bulky.

Instead, the rule of thumb is 2/3 to 1/3. Small women are most flattering in their figure when they wear bottoms that cover two-thirds of their body and thus stretch their legs. The top should cover a third. Specifically, this means: skirts or trousers with a high waistband and short tops are ideal styling partners for small women.

Mini Bags> Tote Bags

I know – large bags are practical companions in everyday life. Especially for women who, like me, always have a lot with them. When it comes to style, women with a small body should still go for mini-bags. Because tote bags often look oversized on the arm of a small woman and more like a weekend bag than an everyday bag. This is why the same applies when buying a bag: What fits taller women doesn’t have to apply to everyone. Medium-sized bags that can hold a laptop are ideal for short women. And if it can be even smaller, crossbody bags fit perfectly.


Styling tips for short women: Which shoes are suitable?

While tall women should rather opt for rounded toe caps and avoid pointed shoes, the opposite is the case for short women. Round toe shoes make the feet look even smaller, and the legs look shorter. Pointed flats or heels are suitable for a stretched effect. A V-neck also visually lengthens the legs and adds a few centimeters to the height.

Minimalism instead of maximalism

Layering, puffed sleeves, volumes, and details – current fashion relies on maximalism and many layers. But it doesn’t always have to be “more is more” to be well-styled. For small women, less is often more effective. Due to the shorter body size, too many details and layers cannot develop in the first place. The result can then appear overstyled – or the pieces do not match your own proportions, as described above. A minimalist blouse or a simple top and a perfectly fitting bottom can have a big fashionable effect on small women. When choosing your clothes, it is best to pay attention to high-quality materials and a perfect fit, this is much more impressive than unnecessary layers or too many fashion trends in one look. A good bag and nice shoes then give the look its uniqueness!

Styling tips for short women: Avoid maxi dresses and oversize dresses

Little women know it: Even pieces with a “normal” fit look slightly oversized when they are worn. On top of that, maxi cuts are absolutely trendy, and there seems to be no getting around them. Attention: If you go for oversize, you should always contrast the wide cuts with a contrast. Wear narrow trousers with an oversize blouse or combine wide trousers with a well-fitting top. In addition, the styling tips for small women say to stay away from floor-length maxi dresses and skirts. Often petite sizes get lost in it, and the piece looks like a tent. Meanwhile, mini and midi cuts are suitable for small women, because they still leave a piece of leg free.

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