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What is Metaverse? How does Metaverse work?


Metaverse is a term that is formed by gathering 2 different words including Universe and Meta.

It is basically a digital space in which digital objects and things represent the digital people. It is hypothesized idea to gather aspects of several technologies including augmented reality, social media, online gaming, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency. And, permit people to interact with each other virtually. It is a virtual globe in which users can shop, socialize, perform different activities, and learn new things.

Metaverse_3In a way, Metaverse already exists on several internet gaming platforms including Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

Even applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be called a form of Metaverse since a group of people comes to combine and interact in a virtual globe. Anyway, Metaverse is a wider idea of digital space representation in order to bring people to combine from virtual trips to conferences and concerts.

It is being a latest topic currently as Microsoft and Facebook are rebranding the concept and term. These 2 most famous organizations are targeting utilizing the idea of Metaverse to the fullest.

Is Microsoft working on Metaverse?

Microsoft has its own plan of branding the Metaverse. It has planned to roll out Mesh for Microsoft teams which is somewhat like a Metaverse. Many latest specs like together mode are aiming to make virtual areas with excellent collaboration.

Anyway, it does not build a universal and unified area and is more like a gateway to the metaverse. We will keep your post as there will be updates on how actually Microsoft is working on Metaverse. Although, it is pretty clear that Microsoft has a more realistic approach towards the idea of this virtual globe.

How Metaverse change the world?

New jobs

The metaverse will radically replace existing jobs and make new ones. Jobs that previously needed in-person interaction will suddenly have virtual options, meaning that remote and freelancing work opportunities will spread exponentially.

For example, a virtual customer in a virtual shopping mall will get assistance in picking a dress or a new notebook from a virtual customer service attendant working from home.


Training of soldiers Metaverse

Training of soldiers

The US army is already training its soldiers in the metaverse. Instead of planning missions with terrain models cobbled combine with sticks, boxes, rocks, and other improvised materials, Microsoft is building headsets that will permit soldiers to view where they are and what is around them by projecting holographic pictures, 3-dimensional terrain maps, and a compass onto their field of vision.

Medical surgeries

One day, a heart expert in Nairobi will open heart surgery on a patient in Seattle using precision robots. This will rely on the best 5G networks in both locations and a precision robot in the NYC hospital, that the doctor in Nairobi will operate using a VR device.


Consumers will walk around a shopping mall, select items, try them on, buy, and wait for delivery from the relaxation of their living rooms. Once they have identified the item, a robot in an automated warehouse will identify a replica, pack it and ship it.


Whether the metaverse takes a century or a decade to develop, immersive hardware will definitely play a vital part in popularizing it. That is why the race to produce augmented reality glasses amongst Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Snap is so vital. So, the question is do you want to buy these glasses?

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