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How do I pick a tie for my wedding?

A guide on how to buy neck tie for your wedding


If it is your wedding time and you don’t know how to manage a good necktie then these tips shall be quite useful for you.

It is your wedding time and you are trudging all around endless shops on the weekends and not getting what you want. You shall easily find the perfect tie for your outfit if you consider some simple things.

Always consider that tie or cravats what is going to suit however ties are cheaper but cravats shall look great. Think about bow ties and cummerbunds, match the wedding color scheme, buy or hire and how you are going to take care and clean.

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1. Ties or cravats

Although cravats are more popular for a formal wedding, they are more expensive than ties and are not worn in daily routine. A good-quality silk necktie will also be a nice choice if it matches your outfit.

2. Cummerbunds or bow tie

Some of you may prefer bow ties instead of neckties that also come in various colors and styles. Bow ties can be self-tied or pre-tied but the range of pre-tied ones is far more than the self-tied ones. Many bow ties come with matching cummerbunds and could be the ideal match for your wedding dress. 

3. Matching color scheme

If your wedding color scheme is a “standard” color, you can choose close match ties or cravats that are widely available. 


4. To hire or buy

In formal weddings, suits and other items can be hired or purchased whereby if you hire the item, you can save a considerable amount of money, especially in the case of suits. In neck ties, it could be more difficult because the shop could have a limited number of ties or cravats. The most popular wedding neckties come in plain polyester satin or silk fabric that you can hire at $10 -$50 for a fair good value. 

5. Clean and take care of your ties

Once you have bought your ties, make sure that they are not creased or crumpled. For this, lay them flat or hang them on a tie rack. While you try them, you should completely undo any knots and hang up the tie for a couple of days so that the lines from the knot clear. If on the day of the wedding something spills on the tie just dab it with a dry cloth so that it soaks up as much as possible. If it is something like fruit juice or gravy let it dry and then gently dab it with the narrow end of the tie. Silk and polyester fabric react differently so this method will help a little. Don’t iron the tie for any reason and never iron it directly instead cover it with a cotton cloth and then iron it on a cool setting. 

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